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It does not mean to erase your past or certain episodes. Beyond that, it means to SHIFT the PERSPECTIVE, reconciling with it, as one of the best ways to a worthwhile view of your story, inner peace, expansiveness and moving into a purposeful life.

Stories are central to our development of self concept and identity and how we distinguish ourselves from others – a process to our well-being.

Many times and even subconsciously we have stored childhood records that might be affecting our performance in adulthood. Some of them become unhealthy patterns and harmful behaviors for ourselves and those around us.

The more we understand our past the better we can shape our present, pointing to create the best version connected to our most authentic self. 

A well told story help us make sense of our reality. My method uses a dynamic combination of sensitive aesthetic and wisdom to help you open up to the creativity flow.  

This will drive you to make a much more real and positive impact and get to know a new version of your self. 



By seeking healing and understanding of my childhood's wounds plus some hard experiences from the past, I started writing since very young; then naturally adding different art's forms of practice - meditative arts, theatre, contemporary dance, voice, positive psychology, among others - to satisfy a lack of self expression that was blocking me, I ended up turning them into allies to build rung by rung a genuine sense of balance but the most important, an harmonious relationship with myself.

I realized that all what happen to me also happen somehow to others. We are mirrors, remember?, which led me to get passionate of helping people to also become artists of their own story, finding in it a fresh angle of the circumstances on what hold us back in life. 

As a Latin writer, Screenwriter and Art producer, I aim to co-create a world moved by a new mindset, a sensitive balance in people's lives that prioritizes empathy and inout peace. 

My artistic work is largely under the premise that as humanity; Yes, we are good people! We just need to clean our glasses to see life in a different light. Most of the stories I write seek to provoke social impact and desires to transform either the world or the characters themselves. Comedy or drama in somehow shows human life in a very particular vision, as I had been learning from my own spiritual path based on years of ups and downs, but above all a conscious and subconscious inner child work.


“Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.”

Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.



A cinematic dynamic curated by Pepa Paiva


Empathically and theoretically, you will travel through your movie, supported by different techniques from artistic/creative field, to deeply unlock creativity just like professional artist do.

This allows you to re encounter your inner child, the subtle adulthood, expand imagination, However, it's important that you TRUST the creative process, even more when is taking you out from the comfort zone. There, is when one start truly embodying the transformation, driving you to identify clearly what was, is and will be your role as a protagonist and how your hero journeys in your own story...

Personal experiences, emotions, and imagination are allies in terms of narrative resources as you need to inspire your lines to be as truthful as possible, and as consequence, to create internal relevant change.

This opens a portal to freedom and confidence for those who experience it, being able to see the story from a higher dimension by returning to wholeness. 

Main benefits of the method: Unlock creativity from a higher source - Uncover the authentic Self - Access in a loving & radical way to your inner world and self expression  - Deeper understanding of your truth - Raises spontaneity and confidence in your worth - Find your voice through the paper - Feel firsthand the meaning of your story and where you want to go the next chapter.


This is a precious resource that has been present in my own heroes journey, in my own movie.

Via different techniques towards this golden connection with your spirit and mind, this clears the process, conscious and organically of your inner work of writing pro acceptance and integration. 

Every time you sit and meditate, you gain an instant more of compassion with yourself and your story.

This Art brings an awkward but efficient understanding of the material world that surrounds your journey, and also the most important, it gives you access to those ethereal aspects of your story that you can only see through the eyes of your soul.



There are two main things to invest in, to really overcome and move forward: TIME and YOURSELF.

                                                 Pepa Paiva



1 : 1 mentoring (6 weeks)

It acompanies people who is seeking either to meet specific objectives regarding a personal writing project or a call to transformation by using an expansive way of creation.

This flexible program for novices and seasoned writers works whether you love deep emotional voyage, want to express your comedic heart, or wish to leave a legacy. Most importantly, you will tell your story, you will write your script.

I would like to say...we don't go into grammar, structure or anything traditional, because I'm not a language teacher, I am a woman that embodies moments of life and stories on paper [and sometimes visually] to make them become eternal.

There, is when you find the SUBSTANCE of your story, which means the universe!

As nothing is permanent, at least we have something very special like writing to stop the time for a bit and just contemplate. 

Having said that, I highly recommend you to commit with the process, get involved and be present to really succeed with this voyage.

Go, try and finally fall in love with your story! 

I'm telling you, I did it with mine and it worth it. Trust me.

                                      Amor & Metta

                                           Pepa Paiva 

The Experience

10 session (once per week), each one focuses on a specific topic and based on The Methodology.

Ps I love you:

- Access to a pre-recorded audiovisual material to integrate at home (movement).

- Transformational theatre and movement techniques, case by case.



Create stories from personal experiences.



A theoretical-practical space to those who have a strong interest in any type of Art or are already doing some self expressions practices, via journaling or other form.

The group mentoring focuses on co-creating an enriching and meaningful collective experience, sharing perspectives and raising issues that usually happen during a creative process, which has two main sides, observational and execution. It aims to approach a creative table in a "circular mood", where the togetherness force take the inner artist that resides within each one.

This is a starting point of training imagination to either working towards journaling, biographical, fiction project, or for life itself like relationships, inner struggles, challenges and self knowledge. 

The main benefit of being a part of a small and exclusive group addresses empathy, inspirational leadership and dynamism, becoming a transformational and enjoyable experience to advance to the next level.

Self-expression and confidence - Develop lateral thinking - Lose fear of the blank page or any other project - Exploration in search of the own voice - Experience growth under the power of vulnerability.

——> Writing club: Every 2 weeks while the program lasts, feedback-analysis creative process rounds.


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"When a conversation resonates with you over time it is because there is wisdom. By working with Pepa and her project, I have found a space in which empathy, trust and dialogue have allowed me to explore comfortably on a personal journey towards self-care to lead with affective responsibility. Her ability to recognize contexts, analyze situations and communicate them assertively is valuable as well her loving involvement in the process in which we have been during this new adventure".

Paulo Urrutia
Athlete, Activist and co-founder 'Bestias del Sur Salvaje' NGO towards rivers protection in SouthAmerica.
Founder Geoturismo Chile


"It is worth mentioning that there is a before and after 'me' having taken the sessions with Pepa. She helped me address my deepest concerns and desires from another perspective, observing and analyzing the patterns that have not allowed me to develop the best version of myself. I could figure out that behind my story and a traumatic episode of adolescence there were the keys to unfold the path towards my dreams.
Now I am very clear where I want to go and what are the pieces that connect my story with my biggest call to serve to make my next steps meaningfully happen".

Sofía Ruz

Graphic Designer and Head Chef.

Melbourne, Australia. 



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