1 : 1 mentoring (10 weeks)

It acompanies people who is seeking to meet specific objectives regarding a personal writing project or want to transform some aspects of life by using an expansive way of writing.

This flexible program for novices and marinated writers works whether you love deep emotional voyage, want to express your comedic heart, or wish to leave a legacy. Most importantly, you will tell your story.

The methodology

10 session (once per week), each one focuses on a specific topic.

An empathetic dynamic, based on a mix of techniques from artistic/creative field and the holistic world, which allows you to use writing as a tool for forgiveness and healing the past through a powerful perspective shift.

It aims to convert personal experiences, emotions, and imagination into allies as narrative resources, thought-provoking writing prompts and questions to inspire your lines to be as truthful as possible.

This opens a portal to freedom and confidence for those who experience it, being able to see the story from a higher dimension by returning to wholeness. 

Main benefits of the method: Unlock creativity - Uncover the authentic Self - Acces to inner world and self expression  - Deeper understanding of your truth - Raises spontaneity - Find your voice through the paper - Get into meditative arts pro clarity, acceptance and integration. 

Exclusive bonus: access to a pre-recorded ecstatic dance session to help you integrate the process at home. This experimental piece was exhibited at the Melbourne Fringe Art Festival 2020, directed by Pepa Paiva in collaboration with a line up of multiple artists.

- Transformational theatre and movement techniques, case by case.