Before here, It was there

Once, I started to count how many people I have met in my life. Yes, it's a lot!

And, for sure, I haven’t finished counting…

I would say that I will not take away anybody, nor anywhere.

Everything it’s connected. Every day there're signs that make me realize that how many times, we had had the chance to learn to be patient, understanding that opportunities always come at the right time.

One year ago, I spent some time in New Zealand, where I re-connected with my real self at the same time with many new people.

There, I learned how good it feels when while walking on the streets stopping by somewhere just to have a chat with someone.

Before New Zealand, I lived by the beach in a little bay town in Chile, spending four months just enjoying the sunsets.

There, I learned that waves are home if we are really willing to know how to surfing them and when one lives in the city, the trees are not so green, and the breeze is not so pure...however, it's still a good fun!

Before the beach, was my time living in the city. There, I learned to have good achievements - I guess - to get to know self-confidence and to feel what the standards of success mean.

If I resonate or not with that way, it is part of other story...

Before the city, I spent time walking through a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of the poorest places in South America.

There, I learned that music as the kid’s laughings should always sound loud to be heard by the world, by all of us who are kids converted into adults already.

There, I learned that naked little feet can also run fast down to the stairs, even if they are wet…

Before Rio de Janeiro, I spent time at home, where my parents live. It is a magical place. Everything is green beside the river.

There, I learned that sometimes we need to leave some preciuos places to see our lives from a different side.

Before my parent’s, I spent some time wishing to have a big journey. Far away and for a long time.

At that time, I learned that if we don't make a decision, nobody will make it for us.

Now, when I am in the middle of the journey that I wished for, I realize that every place took me to the right “where” that made me learn what I needed.

Here, I learned to choose to learn with meaning.

Río de Janeiro, Brazil

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