Somehow, we are all a brand. The brand of the soul...

In Spanish, a brand is called marca which means mark. I am wondering if it is not a chance that we leave a mark in someone else's life, no matter how long we cross paths with each other.

We are all doing something here -on earth- that transcends, or at least is what is supposed to, right?

We sort of ‘marketing each other’ while walking our lives and connecting with the world, as we all want to be seen somehow. I would take the risk and I will say, even the most introverted ones.

We try to show the best of ourselves when we want to conquer someone, when we apply for a job, when we meet our partner’s family, when we are showing up, when we launch our first product, when we go to a party somewhere. Somehow it is a selling process that all of us get involved in.

It is the art of showing up. The best picture of us is ready outside to get purchased by the world.

From a playfulness view, it is a wonderful way of making a new trend of self-marketing, as we all occupy a space in this planet that needs to be seen for others to discover what one is offering to the rest.

Our persona is our brand and our personality is the color tone that represents ourselves, our face is the logo through which smiles are our very own philosophy: the way how we perceive the world!

Idealism would be to think that we are all the same but humanism is to think that we are ONE in a great fractional soul screaming to be valued by the uniqueness.

The magic of the marketing of the self smells from kilometers away what our audience expects, as we pretty much, pretty often we seem to know someone else better than ourselves.

That is the current currency in this market, the lost perception of our own selves, where we end up buying something that we really do not know. At least ideally, we have invested enough time to get immersed in the world of self-discovery, in the meantime, we have been impostors selling our masks instead of our faces.

This is an unconditional love opinion starting from observing our marvelous human behavior, at the same time while exploring new routes of the path, borns empathy, connection, eye and star gazing, the cosmos and books that trap us in a constellation of new prompts and tendencies that carry us to a new wave that catches our attention for the next couple of years, here and there, like this and so on.

It is an endless voyage that fascinates!

What would happen if we see more ‘sold out’ posters on windows as that would mean that finally, we accept ‘the each other’ as the way it is.

Would not that mean that once we buy ourselves our own brand then by ripple we will buy someone else's?.

It is the new marketing trend...the marketing of the self.

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