The Manade

A white manade walk slowly on the mallows

It is freezing but that fierce force stay alive and ready to hunt

The moon is brilliant.

Wolves are good for playing, he says while molding a wood cut with a small chisel.

The fire is lighting and my feets are cold.

- What do you mean by playing?

- They are like kids running around when the sun rises. No one is stronger than the other one.

- So humble!

- Yes, I believe so.

- Have you had to protect yourself some time?

- No, never. They are loyal, very loyal. When the night falls, they come close to protect me.

- Do you wish to be a wolf?

- I am a wolf. I am part of them. The moon is my guide when I walk kilometers and water is all what I need to survive.

Suddenly we hear branches move...

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