A hero on a journey

When the main character overcomes adversity, becomes a hero!

In short that is you when you rock your own world, when I rock my own story!

Every hero has something to offer, the key is to follow the clues to find that offer from the universe, which is the "you are meant to be".

To live what I have to offer, I have found that we have to surrender and trust that there is something magnificent for us already written, painted in the walls of the big Akashic library up there.

Surrendering gives way to walk the perfect line towards the best life. An alignment that is perfect but not always easy to maintain. I would even say that it takes years to learn how to get through the meadow, chopping, chopping to get a good view and see what might probably be over there.

The unbalance shows us the truth and the breakthrough.

Without the unstable side of the table we can not notice what needs to be fixed.

Ugh! Many times I have said, "I can not do more". "I do not want more". "I have not had enough already, don’t you think?"

Angel, I am talking to you!

Can you listen to me? seems that sometimes, you don’t!, I say out loud.

How can I know if you hear my questions, if you hear my prayers…

I want to give up sometimes, strongly.

Would that be fair?

Suddenly, I realise that maybe it is time to see from above, below, behind, forward, the back and underneath. Every time the way gets more subtle that the signs are less evident, then my soul screams to open myself bigger to let all in...

love, abundance, prosperity, wisdom, light!

Trust above, trust within. Tired to repeat it, trying to repeat it.

The door is open. What else can we do to make our mind such a Master that does not need to get distracted with the basics but instead make it attached to the treasure. That gold treasure chest full of pearls, ambar, citrine…

- I adore you, he says in a whisper.

- I am confused, who is?

So in the end, it was someone next to me?

I thought I was completely alone, I say

...finally you really can hear me?

- Of course, I am contemplating how you try to become your hero...

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