Between lines - 10 weeks 1:1 program

Your story from a higher dimension

  • 10 hours

Service Description

The 1:1 mentoring program accompanies people who is seeking to meet specific objectives regarding a personal writing project (eg: autobiographical or fiction) or to transform some aspects of their lives by using an expansive way of writing. The methodology It goes under an empathetic and creative dynamic, based on techniques from the artistic field to the holistic world, which allows the author to navigate towards a paradigm shift of the self. It aims to convert personal experiences, emotions, and imagination into allies as narrative resources writing as truthfully as possible. This opens the doors to freedom and confidence for those who experience it, seeing the story from a higher dimension by returning to wholeness. Main benefits: unlock creativity, access to inner world, self-expression/ self knowledge, uncover repressed emotions, raises spontaneity, get into meditative arts pro clarity and vision of the project. Bonus: audiovisual material (body connection), optional and case by case - transformational theatre and movement techniques.

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