Stories make humans! - 10 weeks program

Create stories from personal experiences [Group Mentoring]

  • 10 hours

Service Description

This group program aims to open a theoretical-practical space to those who have a strong interest in starting writing or are already doing it via journaling or any other form. It focuses on co-creating an enriching and meaningful collective experience, sharing perspectives, and raising issues that usually happen during a writing Journey. Our methodology faces the point of view that childhood and life experiences are effectively transformed into narrative resources. All of this can be applied in personal projects or in life itself, as we use artistic techniques in alignment with a holistic view. This is a starting point of training the imagination to either work towards a biographical or fiction project. The main benefit of being a part of a small and exclusive group addresses empathy and dynamism, becoming a helpful and enjoyable experience to advance to the next level. Main benefits: - Unlock creativity - Self-expression - Lose the fear of writing - Exploration in search of the writer's voice - Emotional ease Exclusive bonus ——> Writing club: Every 2 weeks while the program lasts, where to run reading/writing rounds, analysis, and feedback of the manuscripts from all we are involved. - Access to pre-recorded audiovisual content (heart body connection) - Transformational theatre and movement techniques (optional, depending on each group).

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